Tahbazof Family Foundation



Our Foundation is largely committed to giving with a focus on poverty, education, environment, medicine and arts and culture. We are inspired by charitable causes with bold leadership and grass-root efforts. We also maintain a disaster relief fund to provide needed supplies to prevent human and animal suffering during disasters.

Our Founders

We are a small family foundation that began when our co-founders, Sia and Sami Tahbazof, husband and wife, emigrated from Iran to the Bay Area in 1981. The challenges they faced leaving their home country and the relentless obstacles they have overcome throughout their initial years in a new country, have kept them grounded, humble and have only made their values and beliefs stronger.


As the businesses grew and their 2 children were raised, philanthropic values were at the forefront of their private and professional lives. Many of SST’s residential properties were, and still are, made available to veterans, low income and Section 8 applicants. Giving back and support of non-profits were family values instilled in their children at very early stages. These same Tahbazof family values guide today’s efforts and will guide their future generations.


Sia built what has become a thriving architectural and engineering firm, and later, Sia and Sami together co-founded SST Investments. Through his unparalleled and tireless worth ethic, Sia grew what began with a few small residential projects into now one of the largest privately owned development companies in San Francisco, with residential, commercial and industrial buildings throughout the Bay Area.